Hire Mobile App Developer

Hire Mobile App Developers

Are you looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers? This post will help figure out the process to hire mobile app developer for your project. Several mobile app developers for hire are available, and you need to detect the perfect candidate. Try considering the following options mentioned to below.

  • Research, Research and Research: Knowing the basics of what an app builder does, helps you make a good choice. The programming languages they use, the average rates charged, etc. An understanding of the profession will give the required context.

  • Pay attention to Communication: You cannot expect a good all as per requirements if you cannot communicate your needs. Along with the experience and qualifications, see how well your app developer can get along.

  • Consider their experience: To build a mobile app, developers should have substantial experience in the field. You cannot hand over your project to a developer who has never developed an app. Hence, it is advisable to have a look at their past projects.

  • Be apparent about what you want: Before meeting your app developers, clearly understand the app concept and your target audience. The more transparent you are with your needs, the easier it will be to develop an app.

You should begin your search for hire dedicated mobile app developers by looking at freelancing platforms such as Upwork.com, Guru.com, Fiverr.com, or through reviews and recommendation platforms like goodfirms.co, clutch.co.

Where to find iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter Programmers?

A few places are highly preferred when people look for iOS app programmers or Android app developers.

  • Tech Blogs: There are a few blogs such as TechCrunch, Wired, The Verge, etc that serve as a great resource to understand what to look for in-app developers.

  • B2B directories: When looking to hire an app development agency, you can pick them from B2B directories where you get ratings, information and reviews listed. A few sites like B2B Marketing, Clutch. co are good options.

  • Freelance Websites: If you have planned for a freelancer route, then you can hire one from top freelancing sites such as Hired, Toptal, etc. Such sites are entirely vetted and they have some of the best candidates.

  • Creative Communities: There are numerous online communities where designers and developers upload their portfolios and a few samples of their work. Sites like Behance, Dribble, etc are very popular.

  • Google: Here comes the holy grail. You can hire iOS developers through Google, but you need to be extremely careful and consider many things to find a company for hire.

You can begin your search for an app developer from a few recommended places and make the right decision.

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How much Does it Cost to Hire Mobile App Developer?

The cost of hiring an app developer is not definite. No matter if you are building one from scratch or launching one for your company, you need to figure out the process of how you want to develop it. When you start the process, you will learn that there are several options and different price ranges. The options are overwhelming. You want to go with the cheapest option, but at the same time don't want to sacrifice the quality.

If you’re looking for an answer to the question, I must say, the question is tricky per se.

There is no exact number of how much it will cost when hiring a developer, but a few facts will help you narrow down your choices. Every organization's situation is different, and there are a few primary concerns that help you figure out how much the process will cost.

If you want to develop an app with minimal complexities, the process will be less expensive and vice versa. Focus, Scope, and Complexities are a few things that play a significant role in deciding the cost of your app. Basic apps will cost somewhat around $50,000, whereas, based on complexities, features & functionalities, on-demand apps can cost $1.5 million.

With overwhelming choices, the process may seem daunting. A few tips will help you make a substantial choice.

Tips for Hire Mobile App Developer

Finding an app developer is not tough, but it is just that the process is tricky. No matter if you want to hire an android developer or hire a flutter developer, there are a few things that will help you make the right decision.

  • The developer should have an interest: A good development company will not only guide you through the entire development process but will also furnish a few creative inputs based on their experience.

  • Inspect Client references: Look for Android App programmers who are ready to extend the information of their clients with you so you get genuine feedback about their past performance.

  • Consider the entire package and not just coding: App creation is not just about coding. Rather, there are several other things involved, such as functional design, considering user experience, etc. You cannot just rely on a developer unless you have a team who can take care of design, functionality, testing, etc.

  • Pick someone with whom you can develop a relationship: The process of developing mobile apps is not a one-time activity. Depending on the feedback of your audience, it has to go through several evolutions and cycles. Hence, look for app development companies that will stick through the entire lifecycle.

Focusing on the right aspects of your business will help you in picking the right app developer. Choose wisely!

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App Development Companies

Hiring Mobile App Development Company has become a trend nowadays. It is a decisive move in marketing strategies that are becoming vital for companies. If you are looking to get a mobile app developed, hiring professional developers is a highly preferred choice. There are a few things to check before you hire Mobile App Development Services.

Things to Check When Hiring Mobile App Developer

  • Portfolio: The first thing to consider when hiring an app development company is their portfolio available online. If you cannot find that on the internet, consider contacting the service provider for better insights into their knowledge in the field.

  • Technologies Used: Before finalizing an app development company, know about the technology stack they use to develop an app. Keep in mind that the company should use modern technologies and agile development procedures to build mobile apps for any platform. Either Hire Android Developer or iOS developers.

  • Code Ownership: Check whether your app development company provides code ownership to you or not. If you don't own the code, you will have to reach out to the company every time you need your app updates. With code ownership, you will not have to do so, and you can get it updated from your in-house team.

  • Experience: The experience of your app development company matters the most. It will help you examine the knowledge of app developers in that company. You will have to look for a company with a team of expert developers to get an app developed for multiple platforms.

Along with considering a few things to hire an app developer company, know that several different developers are available. Hence, you must gauge the type of app you want to build to make the right choice.

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Different types of app developers include

  • Hire iOS Mobile App Developer

    You can hire iOS App Developers either contractually or temporarily based on your needs. You can hire them based on partner recommendations or from a credible portal. Outsourcing your needs are highly recommended if you don't have a team to develop applications. By hiring iPhone App developers, you will see your ideas change into reality.

  • Hire Android Mobile App Developer

    Based on your needs, you can hire an Android App developer. Hire either an individual or an entire team to develop a mobile app. Android Developer for hire will only be able to develop apps that are compatible with android devices.

  • Hire React Native Mobile App Developer

    React Native leverages popular Javascript skills and allows developers to develop apps for both iOS and Android. Hire React Native developer to develop apps for multiple platforms. Some tremendous React Native App developers can build mobile apps that feel native while using web technologies used by several other developers.

  • Hire Flutter Mobile App Developer

    Flutter Developers use Dart as a language. Its innovative method of libraries and widgets enables creating beautiful apps with UI that is creative, fast, and easy. Flutter furnishes endless possibilities, and its results are reliable and beautiful. Hire Flutter Developer for cross-platform apps.

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Explaining your App Idea

After picking your developer team, communicate your app's idea effectively with the development team to create a shared vision of your app. The journey from transforming your app idea to a tangible one is difficult. Your project's success usually depends on how well you can communicate your idea to the development team. Skills are required to develop the idea in such a way so that the development team understands the key concepts. You should not fail to effectively communicate your idea in the right manner or else the development process can slow down and you will end up spending huge amounts of money.

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Common Mistakes in Hiring and How to Avoid Them

How to hire dedicated mobile app developers is a question that everyone asks, but no one is ever concerned about the mistakes that they can commit while hiring one. Listed are a few common mistakes that people make and tips to avoid them.

  • Not Verifying Credentials: Don't hire an app development company without verifying the credentials. Know about their clients and the apps they have developed in the past. Have a word with them, check their projects and past performance before making any decision.

  • Narrowing your Choice to Local Developers: It is not that local developers are bad, but keep your choices open. You are only concerned about your app, and it doesn't matter if it gets developed by a team sitting 500 miles away or just 20 miles away.

  • Considering Cost Over Skills: Cost is a significant factor, but it should not be the only factor for hiring app developers. Don't make the mistake of prioritizing the price of developers over their skills.

  • No Prior Experience in Your Niche: Just as years of experience is crucial, the team of developers must have previously developed apps in your niche as well. Suppose the developers don't have experience in your industry or do not comprehend your consumers' behavior. In that case, your app will deliver poor results.

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Do's and Don'ts in Hiring

What qualities of an app developer are important to get a stellar app developed, and what are the things you should avoid? Below are the few dos and don'ts of hiring an app developer that will help you make an informed choice.


  1. Choose a developer that has intimate knowledge of your business. They should know more than just how to code.

  2. Pick a developer that has excellent references and a powerful portfolio. Take some time out and review their past projects.

  3. Look for a development team who readily communicates with you during the development procedure. In short, they should communicate the way you need and want.

  4. Find a developer who is aware of several pricing models and how your app will generate revenue.


  1. Don’t consider experience for a specific platform. Your developer should be able to develop an app for all common platforms.

  2. Don’t overlook the significance of the relationship. You will work with the team for quite some time, and hence, they should know how to get along.

  3. Don’t pick a developer based on only the cost. You should get a great value for your app, and hence, don't fall for super low prices.


Mobile apps serve as the backbone of your business. However, there is no need to invent the wheel on your own. Rather, you can just hire an expert team and let them know your requirements. When working on a tight budget, ensure that you get it right on the first attempt. You can consider the guidelines discussed above so that you don't make a mistake in picking the right app developer for you. Look forward to creating a solid partnership with the development team for future references. Work with a reliable team and get tremendous results.

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